More than 1,200 people were disqualified from the World Cup in Fortnight

The grand final of the competition (a three million dollar prize) will take place only at the end of July, but many users have already been caught trying to make their way in ways that are not kosher

The final of the World Cup in Fortnight, one of the most popular games in the world, will take place on July 26, and in the last few weeks the rating criteria have begun to attract many users, but it seems that everything is not clean and without problems, after Epic Games announced the disqualification of more than 1,200 Gamers from the competition.

It is important to note that the personal prize to the world champion is a huge sum of three million dollars, which attracts people to do everything, but simply everything to win, and so some of the participants operated cheats that improved their performance and provided them with real-time information, Was caught and eliminated from the competition.

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Despite the cheating, users will not be permanently banned from the game, as the company is losing players that will purchase virtual objects in the game, yielding most of the revenue from Fortnight. Most of the deportees, some 1,163, were punished by freezing their accounts.


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