Trump tends to use Twitter a lot, but he often visits the platform and claims that it is politically biased against Republicans. Only earlier today, Trump squeaked on Twitter against the platform, claiming it was “very discriminatory” and that Twitter “is being treated badly because I am a Republican.” He also accused the company of “playing political games” and called on Congress to intervene. Last year Dorsey also took part in two hearings before US lawmakers and dealt with claims of political bias on the platform.

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About a month ago, Trump chirped that he had a meeting with Google CEO Sondar Pichai, another platform that Trump had previously criticized for being politically biased, Trump piped the meeting as “very good” and said Google was ” “He said.

Twitter today released its first-quarter results for 2019, with revenue of $ 787 million, a profit of 37 cents a share and 330 million monthly users, all above analysts’ expectations. As a result Twitter share

(39.77 + 15.64%)

 Jumped more than 15% today.


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