How far are the effects of brazid?

The S & P’s Berkshire Sensitivity Index examines which countries are most vulnerable to the effects of Britain’s disengagement from the EU – according to parameters related to the economic relations of those countries with Britain • The result: Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are the most economically sensitive to the consequences of the Berkshire

If and when the Berkazit takes place, Britain’s move to withdraw from the European Union is expected to make waves not only on the British island, but on the continent of Europe as a whole. Which countries are likely to be harmed by the move, who might actually profit and who will remain indifferent to the process?

The S & P credit rating company carried out an assessment to predict which countries would be most affected by the UK. For this purpose, S & P examined the 21 most sensitive countries for the process, based on four parameters: the exposure of the financial sector to Britain; Export exposure to the UK; The exposure on the subject of foreign direct investment in the UK, executed from those countries (FDI – Foreign Direct Investments); The restrictions on immigration that will be created following retirement.

The Brexit Sensitivity Index (BSI) was measured on a scale of 1 to 10: the higher the score, the higher the level of exposure and sensitivity.

The Berkshire Sensitivity Index was first published in June 2016, two weeks before the UK referendum. Over the years, S & P has changed the methodology of two of the four parameters, so that the data more accurately reflect the financial relationships between the economies of the various countries and Britain. According to Ronit Harel Ben Zeev, CEO of the S & P Maalot credit rating company, “The index reflecting the sensitivity to Berkshire shows that Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are the most economically sensitive countries to its implications. The index sharpens the economic ties of the various countries to the UK economy, the fifth largest in the world.


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