It was actually the visitor who led most of the game and during the last quarter she ran away to a 15 point lead (92: 107) who gave her the feeling that she would take the series to game 6 at home, but their hot trickleblazers and guard had other plans. As the minutes passed the gap was cut and 57 seconds to the end it was CJ MacAlum who set a 113: 113 tie with a half-shot. On the other side Paul George took responsibility and returned the Thunder to 113: 115 with 39.4 seconds remaining, and then the real drama began.

Lillard returned sharply from the interval and after 7 seconds provided 2 points that again set the tie, while on the other side Westbrook did not withstand the pressure and missed Liap, providing Portland with the opportunity to close the story. The one who got the ball for the decisive attack was Lillard, who showed Westbrook how to do it right, and with a three-pointer just crazy from the half-court area 0.4 seconds to the end, lifted the hall in the air and signed a crazy evening in Maine. On the other end, Westbrook, who finished with 29 points and 14 assists and Paul George scored 36, finished their season painfully, and it can also be said that earlier than expected, at least in relation to the level of expectations that existed at the beginning of the season

Denver (2) – San Antonio (7) 90: 108

After winning 4 in Texas and regaining their home advantage, the Nuggets continued their momentum and are now only one game away from winning the entire series. In comparison to the two games in the East, the business was more close in the first half, but during the third quarter the local team ran to a 28 point lead (49:77) and in fact turned the last quarter into a real lack of interest.

Nicola Jokic was two assists away from Triple D after providing 16 points and 11 rebounds for the winner, who also enjoyed 23 points from Jamal Murray and five other players who finished double digits in the scoring column. For Greg Popovic, only Markus Aldridge, who scored double double of 17 points and 10 rebounds, can be mentioned.


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