the millennium version

Name: Hello Alfred

Activity: House management services

Year of establishment: 2014

How much money raised: 52 million

Just a year ago, the successful New York start-up Hello Alfred raised an additional $ 40 million to help it meet its end-of-year target – to offer management services to 100,000 homes. But do not be mistaken for optimizing or automating terrible household tasks like a laundry folding robot or an account management system. This start-up, with the exception of the application, is the exact opposite of technology.

“Hello Alfred” is based on the promise behind the collective economy that relates to recruiting individuals who need supplemental income to make available around the clock. In the present case, it brings back some “human touch” to household tasks, like old-time servants, and offers outsourcing to tasks-from the big ones like cleaning the house to the small and petty sort of sorting mail, sending mail, paying bills, shopping and even just waiting at home.

Enter wine, get a degree: the wines come from the winery to the academy

The people who provide the company’s services are called Alfreds, after the faithful servant of Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, Batman. Their goal, in this erasing event, is to make life easier for the millenarians who can afford it for monthly payments ranging from $ 150 to $ 350. Like Casper, Alfred also grew up on the lap of the exploitation of the millennial children, who suffer from too little free time and are willing to invest a lot of money to make it easier for them to do their jobs.


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