The share fell by about 18%, and the salaries of the top five executives in Teva doubled last year to $ 56 million

The doubling of the cost of wages was recorded despite the negative yield of Teva, which fell 18.6% last year on the New York Stock Exchange. The cost of the new CEO’s salary, Car Schultz, was $ 32.5 million

Five senior executives at Teva last year received a total cost of $ 55.9 million, almost double the cost of $ 28.8 million for the company’s top five employees in 2017. The cost of wages doubled despite Teva’s negative yield

(14.69 + 0.82%)


, Which fell 18.6% last year on the New York Stock Exchange.

Teva’s CEO, Car Schultz, has a $ 32.5 million cost in 2018, including $ 20 million in Teva, $ 2 million in base salary, $ 6 million in retaliation and $ 3.8 million on performance.

CFO Michael McClellan received a $ 4.9 million salary, of which $ 2.7 million was a share premium. Operations manager Carlo Di Nutristapani received a salary of $ 7.2 million, of which $ 4.7 million was from the stock. Hafron Friedrichsdot, the R & D director, received an annual cost of $ 6 million, of which $ 3.2 million was from Mani, and Mark Sabag, Teva’s human resources manager, earned $ 5.2 million, of which $ 3.1 million was from shares.

“We are less pessimistic than others at this point in time, we do not see a recession in the US on the horizon”

In an interview with “Globes”, Pascal de Croza, head of the Israeli desk at the World Bank of Picta, recalled how the decision was made to set up a branch here – and later also an investment representative for affluent customers – reviewing the possibilities of investing in a negative interest environment. To decide to study Hebrew himself and to complete a degree at the University of Haifa


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