Rising 3.67% at this time.

The share of the Norsk Hydro aluminum production company is up 1%.

Trading on European stock exchanges opened this morning on declines. Ducks

(12,020.28 + 0.17%)


(5,508.73 + 0.11%)

  And Potsey

(7,436.87 -0.00%)

 Decrease by about 0.1%. Stokes 600

(388.1 + 0.15%)

 Removed unchanged. Asian trading closed in a mixed trend. Nikkei jumped 1.4 percent and Cospi rose 0.4 percent. ASX-200 is locked unchanged, Shanghai

(3,213.0603 + 1.11%)

 Lost 0.34% and Heng Seng

(29,999.07 + 0.63%)

 Decreased by 0.1%.

Publicis stock

(47.75 + 1.19%)

 Rising in trade after reporting that the advertising group is buying Epsilon for $ 4.4 billion.

Tonight, the Wall Street reports season will continue and the reports of US banks Goldman Sachs and Citigroup will be published; Netflix, IBM and Johnson & Johnson will report tomorrow.

Trading in Asian markets is conducted with sharp price hikes, the Shanghai index

(3,213.0603 + 1.11%)

 Rising 1.26%, the Nikkei adding 1.46% to its value and the Hang Seng

(29,999.07 + 0.63%)

 Hong Kong is also up 1% at this time. South Korea’s Kowsi also added 0.7% to its value.

The background to the gains is the publication of China’s export and import data for March last Friday. China’s dollar-based exports rose 14.2 percent, well above expectations of a 7.3 percent rise. However, import data fell below expectations.


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