A salary of 140 characters: The CEO of Twitter received a salary of only $ 1.40

CNBC reported that the founder and CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, received a nominal salary of only $ 1.40 in 2018, as a tribute to the limit on the interface. Dorsey is not the only one, but part of a trend of founders of tech giants

CNBC reported today that Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey received a symbolic salary of just $ 1.40 in 2018. This is probably a tribute to the limit on the interface, which is not $ 1.4 million, but rather $ 1.4, which is Dorsey’s first salary since he returned to serve as CEO of Twitter in 2015.

According to Twitter, the low salary of Dorsey, the founder of the tweets, whose fortune is estimated (as of 2018) at $ 4.8 billion, is “an expression of his long-term commitment and faith in Twitter.”

Dorsey is not the only Silicon Valley official to take a tiny salary, but part of a trend. The founders of Facebook and Alpha (Google), Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page, respectively, took an annual salary of only one dollar.


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