In j.p. Morgan currently use piimterix technology as just one part of the screening process of candidates and interns and initial positions only. A JETRO explained to Reuters that because a good indicator for experienced employees to their suitability for the job is their history of employment, but for BA graduates, to resume a high value. He said that in recent months, hundreds of job applicants in society played games of piimterix. “Our renewed thinking about how our deal is part of a wider process of society which we are gods ourselves ‘ how can we meet our goals in better range, by expanding the candidates we are considering,” added JETRO. Piimterix was established in 2013 and has raised $58 million, of which 40 million last September during round B headquartered are in New York and has additional offices in London, Singapore and Sydney. According to the company’s website, except for fresh collaboration with j.p. Morgan, leading other companies Unilever, inkdain אקסנצ’ר, Tesla and use its services. The company also stated that its technology site reduces the length of the employment process at 75% and she came to fix the current hiring process where 30%-50% of employed inappropriate candidate for the job. The company wants to fix other problems in the process as the worst experience for job candidates, and diversions that exist today. Last year, for example, reported that the bogus system that used huge Amazon technology to recruit new candidates to work discriminated women in technical jobs. The software examining resumes of job applicants, used a method of rating on a scale of one to five stars for resumes that distinguish for the leading candidates for a position, but women have won her negative rating men. The reason for such behavior of the system is how the AI algorithms process training during which you enter them in the data, and they should conclude independently different patterns. When the data is not, create biases. Algorithms, Amazon entered resumes sent to the company in the past, mostly by men, and learned to favor candidates who described themselves using the verbs that appear more often in the life of men, as engineers “made” ו””, please refer to the CV claimed that contained the word ” Women, do you get Amazon to abandon the project.


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