Electric arsenal of BMW


Electric arsenal of BMW-way with us already next year BMW trying after the closing the gap against electric competitors from Audi and Mercedes. First car of the future this threesome … get us already next year BMW reveals three production variants-electric models during test driving in extreme conditions. In this case we are dealing with one of the most known experiment to test cars in Sweden, with particularly low temperatures, ice and snow. The electric car version iX3 is the Compact of BMW, Jaguar late I-pace and Audi e-Tron already marketed here and the EQC lands here at the end of the year. He maintains a similar design to the seller, except X 3 gets a different missing kidney vents excess motor in case of an electric vehicle. No manufacturer publishes technical data except a term stands for more than 400 miles between loads. The drive will most likely double with two electric motors – one for the front wheels and two rear wheels. The production will be new factory BMW Shenyang, China, and is expected to start marketing as early as next year. Us is coming towards the end of 2020. The i4 with a Coupe-like car with four doors, similar to series 4-the future Gran Coupe, the company’s production line in Munich in 2021. BMW says that the drive unit allow her leap to 100 km/h in 4 seconds, a tenth of a second, less like the BMW M3. The maximum speed is 200 km/h while driving range between uploads is 600 km. The iNEXT retains a certain similarity to the concept presented six months ago, with kidney grille, larger than the manufacturer’s model. However, and contrary to normal takeoffs, and so left opening doors. It differs from the opposite to front opening in the car. The dimensions are expected to be similar to those of X 5. BMW says that the drive will span approximately 600 km between and he mounts offer driving ability autonomous level 3 with possibility of full autonomous driving a predetermined route, no confirmation yet about Europe. Production starts in 2021 dinglping company factory, in southern Bavaria, the production of BMW in Europe.


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