Colmobil move from showroom to the importer application launched the first phase a new communication strategy with the client, in which the task will occur in future or existing vehicle holder using the computer or unlocked car importer colmobil (Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Mercedes) announced today (Wednesday) on a new strategic move. In which it plans to transfer most of its brands (Mercedes) potential and existing customers to the computer, or an application on your cell phone during that CASE, called a ר”ת Link (interconnection), Autonomous (independent), Share (shared transport) and ev (electric vehicle) will be completed In the future. Meanwhile launched the first stage, which refers to the relationship between the consumer and importer from which he selects the appropriate vehicle, and its use on all aspects. Among other things, the importer “virtual” sales, however, allowing the customer to purchase a new Hyundai or Mitsubishi to build himself a full invitation to all its components, and to determine where he would like to get a new car. During booking can adjust individually desired car features and specifications and accessories, but also to determine contract financing and insurance. Also the transfer and the necessary signatures made. Moreover launched the importer Car Link application which offers digital services that allow full information on the vehicle including identifying the location, navigation and how used to it (including posting accelerating, braking, battery voltage and speed) and more. All communication with the system konktad-Carr is a firm said about 160 thousand vehicles moving on the roads in Israel. According to Tsion, ceo of a firm: “the first swallow of CASE strategy that is manifested in a varied offer of services and products within the next decade. The Group aims to lead in Israel that this strategy mainly autonomous, connectivity, and collaboration and Hybrid-Electric, Link, Share, Autonomous as part of the transformation of the global automobile industry and the digital age. As part of the strategy in CASE added to the products group also services not yet performed in Israel.


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