Audi, seat, Skoda and VW: champion invites garage cars importer Volkswagen concern brands available seat owners atke, Audi A3 and Q2, carock and Skoda Octavia and Volkswagen Golf from recent production licensed garage. Reason: replacing rear backrests and champion Motors invites to its garages allowed four battery models, Volkswagen concern brands it represents in Israel for two repair calls them having different manufacturers. Reading the first amendment problem discovered in arms back Pew for several models. According to champion, the cars will be invited to the garage they Audi models Q2 and A3, Volkswagen Golf and Skoda Octavia-carock all of the 2018-2019 creature. In total will be invited to a garage where cars test weld 1,403 armrests. If that created a problem, replaced backrest. The test will take about half an hour or two if necessary in Exchange. Reading another amendment refers to the top of the middle-in several models: seat, Skoda atke carock and Audi A3. A total of about 1,000 cars, all from the 2018-2019 production. The Chief said during a visit to the shop checked the headrest, the manufacturer, to break away from her when crash. If necessary, replaced the headrest. For the test and the Exchange is estimated in about half an hour. You must mention Israel vehicle regulations require that the owner of the vehicle doesn’t carry any expense related to the second reading. More sets of installation must make the correction within six months, and who doesn’t, won’t be allowed to renew your vehicle license or to pass on ownership.


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