The young Seattle company has been able to stir up a lively debate in recent months because it has managed to take everything that is bad in the unequal American economy, spice it up with everything that is nice in cooperation and turn it into a profitable asset. Loftium identified the plight of the millennial generation, whose chances of many individuals and couples purchasing their own home becomes less and less likely as the years pass.

The basis of the company’s activity is to provide a toxic supporting shoulder by providing the initial capital needed to obtain a mortgage for potential home buyers or homes. Loftium will grant this amount without interest or linkage. In return, the new property owner will grant the company the exclusive and unassailable right to rent one room in its own home via Airbnb Services. Income from the same housing unit is the way in which the loan will be repaid.

Of course, this does not add up to the services offered by the company to the weary millennium generation. Another prominent service is the acquisition of rights from owners of apartments and tenants, to manage the Airbnb unit exclusively (while maintaining the minimum predefined quotas). In exchange, the company will price the unit, manage the registration for taxation, furnish the room, equip it with necessities such as bedding, towels and even bath products. Because you need to outsource, even renting a room.

Rent clothes for a generation that does not like to commit

Name: FashionPass

Activity: Clothing rental

Year of establishment:

Many people have heard of Stitch Fix, the company that sends customers a monthly box of clothing for a subscription fee, but many do not know that it’s just one of a group of companies that specialize in sending random clothes to people. One of these companies, FashionPass, which offers clothing rental services, was Rent the Runway, which has raised half a billion dollars to date. What distinguishes FashionPass is its target audience. Instead, let’s say, all of them, FashionPass focuses on Influencers, the same public opinion leaders who manage indexed Instagram accounts and enjoy hundreds, thousands, and sometimes millions of followers (for no particular reason).


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