Samsung’s embarrassment: The new luxury smartphone is going bad in two days

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is estimated to cost nearly $ 2,000 but is already suffering from a screen failure that has disabled it after two days of use, according to reports. The hybrid is not yet available to users, but Samsung has begun sending it to a technology journalist for testing and writing reviews

The Samsung Folded Galaxy Fault has a malfunction that causes the screen to stop working after a day or two of use, despite its high price – $ 1980. The Galaxy Fuld was launched in February as part of the decade-long Galaxy series event, and should allow users to switch from tablet mode to smartphone mode by flexing the flexible screen. Although the hybrid device is not yet available to users, Samsung has begun sending it to a world-class technology journalist for testing and writing reviews. The same visitors discovered the serious fault that causes the screen to be flexible to stop working or to bend quickly. At the event in February, when the device was launched, Samsung did not allow journalists to experience it, unlike the usual practice.

In some cases, the problem was probably caused by the removal of a protective layer from the screen, which looks like a screen protection sticker but is actually part of the design of the folding display and is essential for its proper operation. Samsung quickly issued a warning last night not to remove it, but visitors who did not remove the layer experienced serious problems. The device is expected to be available to the public soon – on April 26, and Samsung began to pre-order the device about a week ago, and the inventory for the early order ran out quickly.

Samsung issued a statement following the reports of the faults in which it wrote that “a limited number of samples from the Galaxy Fuld were provided to the media for review, we received reports about their main display and we are looking into these units in person to determine what caused the problem.” “This is a protective layer that is part of the display structure that was designed to protect the screen from scratches, and removing or gluing other things on the main display may cause damage.” We will ensure that this information is made clear to our customers. Wavi also launched a folding smartphone just days after Samsung, at 2,300 euros, and other phone makers are working to develop such a product, which is currently considered the most advanced development in the smartphone market, which has suffered for a long time from lack of innovation. The first company to sell mobile smartphones was a Chinese start-up named Royall, but its innovative technology has a number of problems. The malfunctions in Samsung’s handset also raise concerns about the readiness of the new and expensive technology for the consumer market.


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