The legal dispute between Apple has ended

(203.86 + 0.36%)

 And Qualcomm

(79.89 + 1.02%)

: The two companies issued a joint short notice on Tuesday afternoon, in which it was said that they had both signed an agreement to put an end to all legal proceedings. The deal includes a six-year licensing agreement, a multi-year agreement for the supply of chipsets, and payment from Apple to Qualcomm. The two companies refused to give further details.

Intel has announced the cancellation of its plan to manufacture modem chips for G5 smartphones, a few hours after its large rival on the same market, Qualcomm, settled a legal dispute with Apple for years. Intel

(58.49 -0.12%)

 Declined to comment on whether its announcement of the Apple-Qualcomm agreement was related to the news report.

Enter wine, get a degree: the wines come from the winery to the academy

Hand luggage, tractor, shovels and fish are just part of an 11-page list of US $ 20 billion worth of imported US goods that the EU wants to impose on it in its air transport dispute with the United States. Today will be the last trading day for this week on Wall Street, European and Hong Kong exchanges and many other countries that will mark Good Friday. The exchanges in China and Japan are among the few major stock exchanges in the world to operate tomorrow.


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