In your opinion, Teva will return to mergers and acquisitions?

“Not in the next 18 months, the company must reduce its leverage, and the management is focused on it, and the company may make a deal with a company that develops a product at an early stage, where the payment is based on success.”

What do you think of the company’s management?

“She has a good name and has set realistic goals and reasonable forecasts to low, and has stood in. Are these members of the board the right people for the next stage, too, you can not be sure, but I see no reason why.

The exciting companies that the market still does not appreciate enough

When Esther Rajulo is asked about her buying recommendations, she points to two companies she says have not yet been sufficiently appreciated.

In an age of endless information, how do you manage to collect all your organization’s data?

“An exciting company is Rocket Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: RCKT), which is developing a genetic drug for a rare disease called Panconi anemia, which is at the beginning of its clinical path and is of medium value.I believe in AERIE, both companies have exciting growth possibilities that the market still does not fully appreciate. Jazz is a slightly larger drug company, with a certified product to treat some of the symptoms of narcolepsy, and has had some interesting events this year, and a few more events are expected. ” It should be noted that the Jazz product also has negative uses, and the company was forced to pay a penalty for marketing the product not according to the plot.


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