In the next 12-18 months we will see a lot of action in the field of genetic therapy “

Biomed Market Issues? “At this rate, there will be a good year like 2018.” Cannabis? “Regulation will have to adjust itself to prescription drugs, which may replace opiates.” • Teva? “It is still an asset, but an asset that needs renovation.” • Ester Regulo, an analyst at the Oppenheimer investment house in the biomed sector, provides forecasts for the next year and a half

The Nasdaq Health Index, a sign of the health of the pharmaceutical industry in the United States, has maintained good stability since the great rise of 2014. In January, it did plunge temporarily, but it has risen again. If five years ago there was a fear that the ups were nothing more than bubbles, now it seems that the world has become accustomed to the new index values, which are fed by breakthrough scientific discoveries, a favorable interest environment for investments and a pampering treatment by the US Food and Drug Administration. Does this mean that the entire industry is in good shape? Esther Regulo, an analyst at the young Pharma companies of the Oppenheimer investment house, warns that this is a good time for innovative and isolated companies. The generics industry, however, has yet to correct itself in relation to 2017-2018.

Regulo, who writes on the field of young and medium biotech companies, focuses on companies with products to treat diseases of the central nervous system (neurological and psychiatric diseases) and eye diseases. Among these companies, it covers one Israeli company – Teva, and GW, the only company to date that has listed its cannabis product as a drug, on a full FDA licensing track. Ragwallo recently arrived in Israel to meet with Nasdaq-listed biotech companies and companies interested in reaching an IPO, providing forecasts for the next 18 months.


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