Disney + exhaling in the back of Netflix: The service will be launched on November 12

On November 12, after its distribution agreement with Netflix expires, Disney will launch the Disney + streaming service. • Price: $ 6.99 per month • Among Disney’s content: Pixar’s full catalog, Star Wars series and Marvel movies • Do we really need all This content? The various injection services hope so

HBO has launched the latest season of the fantasy series that has become Calt – “Games of Thrones” tonight, but in wider media, the battle for the world’s exclusive streaming service began earlier this week, When Disney unveiled its new service, Disney +, which will be officially launched on November 12 for $ 6.99 a month. This will happen immediately after the distribution agreement between Netflix and Disney will end.

By the end of the year consumers will have so much wealth of digital content that they will start asking themselves, is there a streaming service that I can live without? Disney + will feature the full catalog of Disney movies since the company’s inception, all Pixar movies, Star Wars series and Marvel super heroes films, among others. The content of the National Geographic Channel will also be included in the service.

The service is already a threat to Vogom’s Noggin. Nogin is also loaded with family content such as “Papa Peugeot” and “Dora the Explorer,” but costs more dollars than Disney’s future service.

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Is Netflix going to get hurt? Probably not at the initial stage: The number of users in the world’s first streaming giant is about 150 million households around the world, and the company reported that it will invest $ 15 billion in original content during 2019. Just for the sake of comparison, Disney will invest only $ 1 billion in content, and this, too, by 2020. Netflix may be losing Disney content, but it is likely that you will not encounter a content shortage soon. When the children go to sleep, Netflix will still control your living room. However, Disney’s very low monthly price has created slight concerns even among giants like Netflix.

The first two years of the service will be expanded to Europe, Latin America and Asia, and Israel will join the Asian continent.


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