Reporting: The IMF and the World Bank have launched currency and crypto studies

The purpose of the project announced by the two international organizations is to better understand the emerging technology of the blockbuster. According to the Financial Times, the currency issued was worthless, as opposed to the crypto currencies such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, Private wine and a “learning” cryptographic currency to better understand the evolving technology, the British Financial Times reported last Friday.

The two international organizations, whose headquarters are in Washington, DC, stressed that the new currency, called Learning Coin, would not be accessible to users outside the World Bank and the IMF, and that it had no monetary value, unlike the crypto-like bits.

However, according to the two organizations, the development of the currency has helped their joint team better understand the blockcane systems underlying the crypto coins, as well as possible use scenarios in such systems, such as smart contracts and improved transparency, and challenges such as money laundering relief.

Let us recall that Blocchen is a digital database in which all movements are written in chronological, public and distributed fashion. The database is built from a chain of blocks, which include records of currency transfers (transactions). The first known application in the history of Blocchine is Bitcoin, launched in January 2009. However, unlike the public beta of the Bitcoin, private Blocchine systems are not distributed and open to the public, but are managed and controlled by the public or business organizations responsible for them. “The development of CRIPOTO assets and distributed database technology is developing rapidly, as is the amount of information around them, which forces central banks, regulators and financial institutions to recognize the growing knowledge gap between legislators,


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