If so, what is the logic of neutralizing amortization of intangible assets? Next, realize that the “real” profit, representing NICE and companies of this kind, is not $ 300 million. It may not be $ 160 million, like the accounting profit, neutralizing the $ 70 million reduction in NICE is not trivial. If so, the profit is lower, and accordingly the higher the earnings multiplier, it seems expensive before the profit is reduced, and it seems even more expensive. And again – analysts are still optimistic.

Full employment, narrowing gaps and growth? Maybe when the printing press goes to the government

With such promises, is it any wonder that modern monetary theory, MMT, is gaining momentum among many supporters who support the transfer of money management powers to the government? Only on the side stands the voice of reason, and it makes other sounds altogether

When the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913, Congress passed on the powers vested in it by the Constitution to produce, manage and control all matters of money (except and separate from the budget) to the new body, the US Federal Reserve. Until 1987, this body was held accountable with the authority it was given, and therefore the administration respected the boundaries between it and the Fed.

But the relationship between the two sides has been deteriorating since 1987, when Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan first used monetary policy to manipulate markets. Over the three decades since, when he produces bubbles (1999, 2006) and tries to manage Fitzucan (2001, 2009), the Fed’s status has gone and eroded. If all the Fed does is to


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