The US threatens to impose tariffs on products from the European Union worth $ 11 billion

The new tension stems from subsidies received by Airbus from the European Union. Washington, which itself provides subsidies to Boeing, is now threatening to impose tariffs on a range of products from Europe. • Among the products that may be subject to customs duties: from airplanes to cheese and wine • Trump: The US, it will stop soon! “

The United States is considering a $ 11 billion tariff on goods and goods coming from the European Union, according to a report on CNBC’s Web site yesterday, citing US dissatisfaction with the subsidies enjoyed by the European aeronautics and aerodynamics company Airbus .

The types of products on which customs will be imposed range from passenger planes from Europe to non-aviation products, such as wines, fish and cheese.

Earlier today Trump squeaked on his Twitter page:

“The World Trade Organization (WTO) has found that the European Union’s subsidy to Airbus has an adverse effect on the US, and now we will impose a $ 11 billion customs duty on European products. The EU has taken advantage of the US, it will cease soon! “

In addition, it was reported Tuesday that Brussels is rejecting claims from Washington that its subsidy policy is approved by the World Trade Organization.

For more than a decade, the United States and the European Union have been locked in a mutual struggle over subsidy policy – each side claiming that the other provides “illegal” subsidies to domestic aircraft companies to Boeing and the European Union to Airbus. Both the US and the EU are paying billions of dollars to these companies to gain an advantage in the global market.

After a long-running legal battle between Washington and Brussels, the World Trade Organization ruled last year that European subsidies had “negative effects” on the United States.

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