Wall Street closed the best quarter of the Decade: the NASDAQ completed leap of 17.4%, 32% of the tailwind trading strokes pushed the indexes: the Dow Jones and the NASDAQ rose 0.8% • S&P 500 index recorded the best quarter since 1998 year. • for the third time, declined the retirement plan of may in Parliament • new homes sales In the U.S. in February rose to a peak of 11 months. • consumer sentiment in the U.S. rose in March on Wall Street trading 23:00 locks increases against the backdrop of optimism since the trade talks and positive macro data The NASDAQ index rose 0.8%, the Dow Jones climbed the same class and 500 S&P arrange the best quarter since 1998. The NASDAQ Index closed the week with an increase of 1.1%, and 2.6% increase in the past month. The Q1 the NASDAQ leap 2019 concluded of 17.4%; The Dow Jones index rose 1.7% in week, monthly summary locks unchanged, and in the quarter jumped 12.4 percent on. Crude oil price finished the day 32% increase in the first quarter of this year, thanks to new sanctions on Iran and Venezuela, as well as OPEC’s agreements. Counts Pete closed the first day on Wall Street in a leap of about 9%, after a first (IPO) price of $72 per share. Rising oil price 21:45 on 1.5% above the level of 60 dollars a barrel, petroleum completes 30% starting from the beginning of the year, what emerging as the best quarter since the year 2009. Sanctions against Iran and Venezuela and OPEC output reduction side, spread on a global downturn. Meanwhile, the Baker report published today showed a decrease of the number of active rigs in the U.S. to 816-low level rigs since April of 2018. Indices traded in lifts, and a way to register the strongest quarter decade. The NASDAQ rises 0.6%, as the Dow Jones index. BlackBerry Stock 20:30 (10.09 + 13.63%) jumped about 15 percent after the shattered the predictions of analysts in the fourth quarter. The earnings per share exceeded forecasts by 5 cents per share and totaled 11 cents. Revenue totaled $255 million in the quarter, above analyst forecasts on 13.2 million.


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