The field of consumer credit, which the company’s market share is relatively small, winking at the company, due to the tremendous interest that makes the potential profitability, meets the company’s core competencies. Balance of consumer credit of the company in the year 2018 on hand about 3 billion, compared to 2.4 billion at the end of 2017, based on organic growth, without purchasing. The average interest rate in this case is at 8.5% per annum. Most of Israel’s largest banks, including workers, protesters recently increased conservatism in increasing consumer sector credit, after years of opening the taps for the consumer. The change stems from that level of risk in this sector has increased substantially compared to the past, especially in focusing on providing valuable consumer credit to the occupation, which is vulnerable to the worsening economic environment. This population increased leverage in recent years to levels similar to the average in developed markets, hence increased risk. Moreover, the legislation makes it easy with regard to entry and exit from insolvency also increases the risk of the Collections. Increased secretions for credit losses in the financial statements of the company dohotia provides sweet taste from the risk. Really grandiose initiatives in the credit card industry in expanding the penetration of credit cards-banking, through cooperation between credit card companies and retail cost credit companies a great deal as part of the marketing effort. My impression from the business model of these credit clubs is that constructing a large consumer lending portfolio by credit card platform is anchored in these ventures profitable.

Time will tell whether these initiatives are indeed produce the fruits of expectant space bar interesting will follow the regulations in the field of consumer credit, which could shake up the business model of the projects wish to grant a loan for running. That is, run by American Express have confidence that the independent infrastructure built in inappropriate business needs independents. At the same time, the Administration intends to take advantage of the separation from the Bank to increase activity in areas where the company was precluded from acting as a subsidiary of Bank Hapoalim. UX: Lexus car that mixes urban art to the modern pace of life balance the threats facing the opportunities of the company as an independent company is complex, but for the average investor in the Tase of the independent company as a public company is blessed and will expose him to a unique asset in local trading.


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