Buffett admits: “growth rate began to slow down the American economy,” according to the Oracle of Omaha, the American economy is showing signs of weakness, but it won’t interfere with the investment group that controls, the riikshiir, to change strategy. “even if red lights flash” seems to have begun slowing the economic growth rate, “he said last night. The Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, in an interview to CNBC network. He said American growth lost momentum but Buffett’s investment group, riikshiir the unexpected, to change strategy “even if red lights blink,” said Buffett. “It seems that some slowing in business, but it won’t change what we’re doing now. Even if red lights blink, or red alert, we continue to invest in the same way, “said Buffett, adding” I urge investors to bet on America, God bless America. ” Buffett’s stuff came after the yield curve inversion, which is an indicator for recession. Buffett refused to be moved from the rare move recorded in the market, and said that he hopes the recession (to exploit opportunities), adding that this is something that happens in a capitalist economy. Earlier this week the American economic growth in the fourth quarter down to 2.2% updated, below the forecast of 2.4 percent growth. However, today released positive data, such as Michigan’s consumer sentiment and new homes sales.


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