when introduced in 2008 Satoshi nkmoto (inventor of the unknown bitkoin) academic document 8 pages, the currency for the world, is not used in any way by “investing”. He uses words or expressions such as currency, distributed payments and more. Secondly, the last time any discourse with nkmoto registered in mid 2011. Since then, although it has a million coins bitcoin that reached almost $20 billion in nkmoto, not in sight. Apparently, whoever was standing at the top of a Ponzi scheme worth hundreds of billions of dollars, was already running with the money earlier. In addition, it is impossible to ignore the Government of bitkoin “. In Western countries the bitkoin recognized as an asset, as a method of payment, money-but not tagged as Ponzi scam. After officials examined the currency and what it represents, and concluded that no fraud, but a new kind of money baffles everyone (almost).

This myth is probably the most common when it comes to bitkoin. In its early years, bitkoin was used in two illegal platforms and damaged another. One is “Silk Road”: a site for e-commerce that were offered him for sale, fake identity cards and the like. Bitcoin constituted the main means of payment platform, the misconception (even then) that is anonymous, and that it is not possible to identify where it comes from. The second platform was “leaks organization Wikileaks, which suffered an economic boycott of the US Government, and therefore moved to accept donations at bitkoin. Bitcoin is completely anonymous. Each coin has a digital wallet. You cannot associate it directly to its owners, but you can identify who is using detective work–sometimes small, sometimes large. In bitkoin indeed used black ב”שוק and illegal payments, and may at some point though was the primary use. However, as the community grew and support for the currency, so the balance is used. Today, hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide accept bitcoin as payment, and the volume of transactions in the network is used for investment and trade.


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