prices, but to lower them even more, World Coast were based on cheaper aircraft where the density is higher, and began to land at airports in the periphery. The companies also offered low blow goes to pay separately for the ticket and for ancillary services such as uploading a suitcase to the aircraft or flight food and less payment for services is not needed. It worked, and the passengers were excited and rushed to the flights of the same companies. High demand encouraged the world coast to increase membership significantly off their aircraft fleet, at a rate that was higher than the increase in demand for flights. As a result, part of the world coast to inventory large aircraft, which requires considerable maintenance cost which reduces the space that it is based on lower margin. The flowering of the World Coast pushed in recent years for their shares to high tmachors, and expected impact on profits in the near future justifying their sale. It did happen, and last year their stocks experienced price declines not disabled. In contrast, traditional airlines have entered leading to jolt a few years ago in light of the increased competition with world coast. To maintain their leading, most have undergone a streamlining process allowed them to lower ticket prices to a level that would be competitive with companies the full coast, while retaining the advantages of their ways in the parameters of quality of service and convenience. Over time, part of the abandoned, “come home” to old friends and began to fill their flights again.

Unlike the world coast, most veteran companies evaluated in growth trends in the industry and increase their aircraft fleet in an aunt. Thus, they were able to continue to occupy most of the seats on flights and maintained good profitability level. Some investors began to realize the priority of the old airport only recently, so that most of them are still traded on the mchfilim. One of the best companies we have is the German airline Lufthansa, which recently became the largest airline in Europe in terms of total annual sales. Last year the company increased by 9% and the number of passengers, the highest growth rate in the sector. In addition to organic growth, the company also made several strategic acquisitions of smaller brands such as Swiss air, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and part of Air Berlin and she has expanded the activities of the Division iorooings fortunate. Lufthansa also has reached a long-term agreement with tiisia in 2017, and suffered from labor disputes and turmoil that occurred in some our company main rivals. The company’s shares are traded on a multiplier only has 4.6, so we think also tmachorit speaking the stock looks attractive to investment.


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