Trade war declaring Trump on China and that hot clouds on the prices of u.s. and Chinese stocks. Have created opportunities that you can possibly use Below is a video transcription: trade between the U.S. and China is warming up. Real or Muslim war apparently ended in easy vulnerability on both sides? Hello me, Trump wants to strengthen American companies and return as many activities into the United States, and one way to do that is by imposing caps on the import. Part of it comes from China, according to Chinese workers in ways that trump “unfair” trade relations between the two countries. The Government subsequently decided to impose caps on Chinese imports worth $200 billion. Initial customs rate stood at 10 percent at the beginning of August, however, the President announced that he was considering to get this rate to 25%. China is apparently not interested in a trade war, but she had no choice but to respond also to announce new products covered. Although, this trade war in the beginning, you have to remember that it can severely harm both sides if she gets out of control. Therefore, it is likely that the countries to which girls are expected to optimize both. Parallel to the political wrangle between Minister of finance acting against its American in China to return to the negotiating table without conditions


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