Summarize all 2018 all numbers and even 2019 forecast. Below is a video transcription: Hello to you start with you, your summary to 2018? Hello me, if start immediately lower class of 2018, at least in Israel, all the main indices of stocks and Ajaccio ended on downs. But the strongest memory from 2018 is the December accord during the month have experienced significant declines in the markets. In the U.S. it has accurate settings into the market – the short-term markets to bear market territory, defined as. In contrast to the bullish market that the market has a positive trend is bearish market decreased 20% from its peak, and now his conduct accompanied by pessimism. So the taste left investors around the world in 2018 is bitter taste. Shay what causes this behavior in markets? To me, the capital market is affected by the endless short ranges, but causes by focusing on two of them, can explain this agitation: the first is the alternative and liquidity. in recent years, especially in economic data 2018 in the US very much improved and thus began a trend of increasing interest rates on the dollar and reduce the balance of the Bank. . In fact, after a lot of years created an alternative to the capital market in the form of water deposits with a non-zero interest. As regards the financial part of the flow of money to him before he was arrested or is Greece. Which, of course, weakens the support he enjoyed from her for years–since the crisis of 2008. The second reason is the issue of trust – ultimately purchase accompanied by optimism. Optimism about growth, the environment, security, fees and more a lot of factors. The accumulation of


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