Another problem with an investment in these companies is the lack of satisfactory guarantees. American banks, Ibn ubayyy, the most money to real companies, in Exchange for liens acquired assets first. However, the Israelis did in most cases providing high enough credit ratings by rating agencies and financial conditions without collateral assets. In addition, even if collateral, in the event of bankruptcy could be a problem to implement them. Another point, many ignore, is the gap between the local credit rating to the ratings scale. Most of the American companies who came here were relatively high around A credit rating, which justify the so-called lower interest rates with them were issued. The problem is that the local rating companies use local rating scale, which is inferior to the international rating scale significantly. For example the series Rockland company agenda, working in real estate in Brooklyn, which recently announced that it will be unable to meet its obligations to its agenda and came to settle debt issued in credit rating of BBB + rating on behalf of companies. Such a rating equivalent to CCC + rating by international rating scale could not be included in investments of most investment houses. In other words, some investors bought bonds of leveraged Buy-outs in companies not spread on the risk inherent in investment, and in recent months have begun to manifest financial difficulties at some companies collapsed and their agenda. Except for brokland, which faces debt restructuring and the Canadian orbankorp, collapsed, a large part of the series the real agenda of American companies traded today on high yield of 10%. All in all this is a considerable debt totaling about 9 billion. In these conditions, the companies will have to pay investors in the coming years will have to refinance the debt and will have to repay it using autologous cash flows, or to implement new capital assets or raise alternative sources. Our assessment has to meet friends and have to make debt arrangements that hurt investors. Therefore, the higher yields that also displays the bus right now, do not rush out and buy these bonds. There is a big different between companies and across the series, both at the level of progress on projects and on the collateral, so you should test each company thoroughly to examine its ability to meet its obligations to investors and then make an informed decision whether or not to buy.


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