Small stocks are typically characterized by recurring behavior which brings them every few years trading on pricing is missing. Whether, after the price declines since the beginning of the year, stocks attractive again to permit investment? The stock market is a place effective (Efficient Market), i.e. on average, stocks tend to value economic trading around. For the company’s economic value and translate it into the fair cost it should be trading shares, should, inter alia, informed the way the cash flows that the company will be in the future. This is not a simple task, and analysts worldwide are required to carry it out thoroughly to try to find investment opportunities and to select the best stock investment portfolios. Although the efficacy of the market in the long run, you have to remember that the price of the stock is determined ultimately by the gap between the demand to buy the stock and supply to death. If there are more buyers than sellers, prices will rise, and vice versa – the stock go down if there are more sellers than buyers. In the short term may be involved in psychological elements such as trading financial results disappointing or surprising, or the replacement ceo, things that can lead to oscillation of the stock down or up in a way that is not necessarily rational. As stated shiailot breaks, and the stock traded worthless pricing below its economic price, that’s the best spot to buy it. Further, the economic logic doesn’t work, the stock price is expected to go to the fair price, then you can sell it at a profit. In recent years we have seen increased volatility in the stock markets in the world, and especially among smaller stocks. One reason is the lower trading cycles in small stocks, which produce larger gaps between Kenya and


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