Despite professional recommendations, the retirement age for women not more legislation. Video Transcript: repeatedly rising to debate the issue of raising the retirement age for retirement for women and it remains unchanged. Women’s retirement age is going to cost? Hello me, the retirement age fixed by law stands on 62 for women and 67 for men. Professional Committee that discussed the issue recommended raising the retirement age for women will gradually retire until the age of 64. Regular retirement age law mostly affected the eligibility for national insurance allowances are old but he also produces social norms. Raising the retirement age for women raised for discussion in the Knesset several times but never received any. Recently, the topic up for discussion a month following a decision to slash the pension funds saving subsidiaries. If the law is not, are trimmed in pension allowances year the oldest funds so they can pay pensions for women longer, due to the low retirement age and a longer life expectancy of women. How effect raising the retirement age for women on benefits of pension saving in pension funds. The legal retirement age does not directly impact the new pension funds. Today it is possible to receive a pension from the age of 60, and men and women can choose insurance coverage for retirement fund at different times between the age of 60 to 67 years of age, according to the existing options. The problem is that the retirement age fixed by law quickly becomes an accepted benchmark for women’s retirement age. As women interpreted earlier, are not enough to accumulate enough pension amount and have to do them for a longer period after retirement. Therefore, the pension benefit of a retiring early will be smaller. Finally, did the women, Anat watch us can do something to increase the pension allowance you receive after retirement? Definitely me. Today, each of us can choose to increase the proportion of their deposits to fund up to 7% of salary to avoid attracting financial compensation after leaving a job. As you save more today, so gained a larger amount of the pension fund that can catch us higher annuity for many years. It is also important that women understand the significance of early retirement on pension allowance and consider carefully when we should retire retired. The retirement pension has a significant impact on our economic situation and extent of the health and social status and it is important to prepare for it well in advance.


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