The world low cost airlines made a revolution in the industry, but in recent years, passengers have returned to flying with old friends. Is it possible that the shares of the subsidiaries companies priority over stock blow coast companies? The sharp decline in the price of oil in the fourth quarter of 2018 led OPEC representatives–organization of petroleum exporting countries to agree on cuts totaling black gold production in the near future. The move has yielded fruit last month gushed crude oil Brent price type, used as a reference index to the international oil price, from $50 to $61. Rising oil prices led to rising prices and fuel could harm airline profits, and therefore we expect that the industry will share the negative trend. In fact, just the opposite happened, and part of the shares in the sector continued the positive trend which characterized them in recent months. The rise in the price of oil certainly will Baker expenses of airlines, but that’s not the only factor that affects the financial results of the companies in the sector. One of the major factors in determining the degree of success of the airline in the long run, is the price. The price is determined mainly by the gap between domestic demand and supply, and not necessarily according to the price of gas. Think about it, if there is a high demand for flights and not enough planes to satisfy all orders, can the shaker. And vice versa, as Commons larger flights to all the demand in the market competition, and ticket prices are down. That’s exactly what happened in the market in recent years, with the coming into force of the fortunate companies (low coast, low-cost). World Coast companies, like easyJet and riinaiir, broke into the field by storm and have revolutionized air travel prices. Actually the increase in competition in the industry has led to a sharp drop in ticket


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