A new method for staffing positions in Georgia Morgan: the giant American Bank j.p. Morgan Chase began to test a new method to staff positions through video games • games based on Brain Science and artificial intelligence analysis, they examine the level of attention, memory and even the altruism of Candidates finding a job can be a frustrating and stressful experience, when one of the elements that make it so it is necessary to formulate a resume reflect our abilities and of course awaiting appeal after we sent them. But what if we could pass on resumes and simply play on your mobile phone to get to work? According to a report in Reuters, the giant bank JPMorgan Chase began to test a new method, which sounds far-known diagnostic processes applicants by video games. The unique method are games based on Brain Science and artificial intelligence analysis, and the parade of j.p. Morgan Chase is to increase diversity (diversity) in the company by using the method. The method is the development of start-up piimterix (Pymetrics) with whom the bank cooperates with the candidates. Piimterix’s games are designed to help companies evaluate job candidates features on social, cognitive and behavioral. The Games testing the level of attention and memory, but also that their altruism, for instance, said in an interview with ל”רויטרס” the recruitment of j.p. Morgan, Matt JETRO. So how exactly does it work? A company that chooses to use the services of piimterix begins the process that defines the best employees in the company in a role which intend to recruit new staff right now. Those employees will be asked to play a series of games for smartphones developed by piimterix and is based on Neuroscience. With the games and the decisions that employees received while playing, the company collects data and identify trends that characterize successful workers. Based on information she builds customized algorithms test whether candidates for the job, to play in those games, are suitable for the job or not. There is also another side, whose function is to ensure a wider range of society by identifying conjugations. In an interview the scientist piimterix, Lewis Baker, VentureBeat site last year he explained that sometimes what makes your most successful employees won’t help us to predict job success but rather symbolize the homogeneity of the group. So we make sure we don’t give too much emphasis to properties that correspond to a particular demographic group.


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