In recent weeks we have witnessed sharp price declines in the markets. Do the problems so severe that they endanger the stability of the global economy? And where better to invest in the current period in order to sleep peacefully? Below is a video transcription: the main reasons for the sharp price declines we’ve seen in recent weeks in the stock markets and the bond? Peace with me, on the one hand, the global economy has recovered significantly since the crisis of 2008 list, and most countries in the world are in stable financial condition, but there are still some things that concern investors and press. For example, trade between the United States and China. Trump’s desire to strengthen American companies by imposing high import cover Lara is understandable, but no one expected that things between the two great powers so warm. Investors also are concerned about the Fed’s interest rate hikes continued in spite of the opposition of 2019 Trump interest and shook markets. Another concern comes because Europe, showing weak growth and need to do now without the support of the acquisition program of the Federal Agenda. China is experiencing a slow growth rate, while still dealing with challenging internal problems. Erez has significant risk in your opinion to the world economy in the coming years because of these problems? Although things seem complicated, our assessment is that the global economy will continue in a positive trend in the coming years. The economic situation in the U.S. seems stable and is expected to continue to grow. It may be that growth rate will slow down a bit, but we don’t see a recession on the horizon. Also fed already spurred the markets and reduce the interest rate hikes expected to 2019 from four to only two uploads. Even a slowdown fears in China seem exaggerated. The Chinese Government has enough tools and money to handle internal problems successfully and return the economy to flourish. Weak growth in Europe and rising


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