earlier when timing the upcoming midterm elections in the U.S. can be a catalyst to end the conflict. Many Chinese stocks experienced sharp price declines this year. Is it because the trade war with the United States or other parties also have Clearly, part of airidot from the new u.s. tariffs imposed on China, which hurt sales of Chinese exporters. But the declines also come because the increased concerns of investors about the future of the Chinese economy. The growth in the country while stabilized at about 7 percent annually, but many companies still rely on high levels of debt, which may pose a real risk to the growth and the financial system. In addition, the continued weakening of the yen against the dollar could exacerbate the brain drain of Chinese capital to cloud the stock market too. All those things are coming after the Chinese stock market has yielded very high yields in 2017. Not only in China, also shares some of the U.S. companies that sell in China recently injured warming trade war Whether the declines are justified or created Kenya opportunities? China has already stated that respond to the American attack using dropping its cover a significant scale. That’s a lot harder for us companies to be competitive in the Chinese market, which is one of the growing markets in the world. Currently it is a cover for Chinese foodstuffs and metals, so that agricultural and industrial societies are at risk. The anxiety of investors may wait for the led to the decline of u.s. stocks, not companies also expected to hurt. For example, Boeing, which has extensive operations in China, but there seems to be no other aircraft manufacturer that can replace it in the foreseeable future. In our opinion, the decline in stock prices was exaggerated and created an opportunity Kenya.


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