suggestions of buyers and sellers. The result is that sometimes these shares traded at a deeper lack pricing below their economic value. In addition, small stocks are less familiar and less popularity, so most of the public tends to fill only after passing lasting lifts travel. The problem is that point where they become “fashionable” are already traded in relatively expensive pricing, so that this point might be where we need to go. The public coming in late, usually between this conclusion too late, and one of the possible results of this situation is in stock-outs. This vicious cycle is repeated and sometimes you can use it to benefit from proper market yields. Recently, we have seen higher maturities of funds others. This has led to the SME150 index (the index that contains 150 stocks in market capitalization cost highest are not included in Ta-35) for the low price point. Since its launch in may 2017. After declines from early this year, a large portion of the rest traded on the mchfilim are low historically, i.e. mostly traded in pricing is missing. In our assessment, this is a good time to be exposed to this bus. As noted, the shares of smaller companies, so that their level of risk is higher, and thus our preference is to select stocks to selectively record rather than to SCSI bus by purchasing exchange-traded, might also contains an attractive stock. If you are considering investing in produce, don’t expect a change in the direction of shares happen overnight. It is expected to take some time, perhaps several years, until the shares return to their fair pricing. But, the efficiency of capital markets do eventually, and stocks will correct up to a point, reasonable tmachorit and purchasing them now our investment was released.


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