events upset the atmosphere – this course of conduct Trump style mainly against the Chinese on the subject. But the Central Bank’s conduct in the U.S. to continue to transmit to the raising of interest rates. So what oak, continues map to change negative? The truth to me, nobody can give confidently answers to questions. Usually these questions stem from having sex to the internal market. To be when good and bad as he Over time, it just doesn’t work. The definition of the market good or bad is always in retrospect after the horses have escaped from the barn. The central question of every investor should be about his plans for the money. As those funds to the long-term policy of his investments should fit into the market volatility and change or another should not be modified.

Shay still nobody invests to lose – is there any chance to collapse? Firstly note that some negative behavior of markets stems rather than good economic data, to raise interest rates in the United States about u.s. conduct against China on the issue of trade, it is clear that there are attacks on growth, but on the other hand, it is still unclear how the agreements will be closed, which is expected to take months. The relatives. What we know is that very important capital market lteramp and likely to affect him in decision making. The major long-term investor should ask are about long-term growth forecast and the price of assets. In this regard, 2019 starts from a starting point. We believe that significant parts of the world and significant sectors expected sustained growth and certainly after the phase chromatography at affordable prices. It is important to emphasize that volatility can certainly unpleasant, but against precisely these conditions that can lead to exploit opportunities that give fruit for years to come.


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