An EWOK? After putting a question mark over philosophical attaching brand “Range Rover” gear-free power crossover I must admit I’ve never attended the launch, crossover with so much off-road driving. Part of the area was conducted in driving trails are well-maintained, not challenge any 4WD crossover. But towards the end of the day, the organizers challenged the cars in sections that allow to demonstrate impressive space capabilities. Space challenges designed to demonstrate to cynics that ‘ we can do without the space force, motion and effort was יחצ”ני-Land Rover engineers expanded the envelope of performance of an EWOK. With the profit of 21.2 inches underneath an EWOK can’t be considered a large SUV has pretensions but the tucked in corners of the chassis, giving him angles and abandonment efficiency: 22.2° 30.6, abandonment. Beyond the good functioning of the electronic control (same fabricates Land Rover in 2000, and the world going in), introduced additional variations British to brake components-electronics. In the heart of the area’s Terrain response capabilities 2 includes the “automatic” should change the characteristics of the vehicle while driving, without the involvement of the driver. One of the impressive capabilities, ATPC is cruise control for space: you define the vehicle speed, say 4 mph up a deteriorating and rugged and releases. The engine management system and traded off as needed, control continued to do an EWOK, and nicely-all you have to do is adjust the front wheels to the right place.

No other system allows a leap in steep and climbing tachoacha: gone, you press the brake. The car stops in the type of HOLD, and you can breath and stabilization plan alchiich. Once you press the gas continues to climb an EWOK, provided he can obtain minimal grip. In the case of steep Gradient release can be used in Control: the system allows the progression down, shake the prevention body as a result of the release. The move down an EWOK with HDC and in improved sequentially. There are also sensors that will notify you when you are approaching the maximum depth of the water crossing, 60 inches; I don’t see an EWOK of a large water wheels itebol. Also tested the ability of the transparent hood, Clear Sight Ground View displays the screen for swallowed beneath the hood. The view is done by the algorithm analyzes what you see two cameras and camcorder. It is possible to predict when hit a rock (or urban training?) are at the forefront of meth ב’שטח. Cool idea but the less good, and the image is accurate and very useful. The system will be offered as an option for Israel, not crazy. There’s also an EWOK automatically locking of the rear differential and oiskosit, but it is managed; It’s not mechanical locking, as is customary with gnarly area animals. All these new capabilities provide an EWOK exception category space, allowing good progress by driving less. It’s impressive, but let’s not forget, with all due respect to electronics, off-road driving is no substitute for mechanical abilities like power and gear racks. Did you get it to the House of Lords? The new improved an EWOK with regard to respectability and refinement, it’s ripe and very rizmati. He’s better than its predecessor on the road and mbotzvac, more economical and very sophisticated. Israeli clients delight to hear the base version of an EWOK in Israel, will cost about 40,000 dollars less than the outgoing version. The question is how it opens up the box office because an EWOK remains the entry level auto: S with 200 HP gasoline engine, 397,000. S-Plus level of interim costs 448,000, with 250 HP petrol engine or diesel luxury level 180 HP SE with two senior engines 489,000 Canal. These can add accessories package R-Dynamic rising another 25,000 dollars.

These numbers place the high price level an EWOK from opponents and a reputation for owners like BMW 3 x, Audi, Mercedes, 5Q death car or GLC 5XT Volvo 60XC. Some of these competitors offer many advantages, some even more than their large haioock. So what’s left here is rare and luxury matters, branding and positioning that could explain the decision of francie Land Rover, the luxury name “Rover” herring sitting of an EWOK.


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