Positive locking in the U.S.; NASDAQ and 500 S&P rose 0.7% in the Bank’s shares were more than increases of 1% • us construction starts in February fell by 9% • case-Shiller index prices of houses increased by 0.2% in January this year compared with December • Piper Jeffrey began to cover inbidia and optimism on Mellanox 22:05 trade in the U.S. Locks in increases. NASDAQ and 500 S&P rose by 0.7% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 0.55 percent in. Banking stocks were the day increases. Morgan Stanley (41.88 + 1.53%), Citigroup (61.22 + 1.48%), Goldman Sachs Group (190.69 + 1.16%) and j.p. Morgan Chase (+ 1.00 99.92%) rose above 1%. Bed bath beyond & stock (21.99% + 16.92) emerged in 22%. 20:30 wall street trading is conducted at this time increases. NASDAQ and 500 S&P cost about 0.3 percent, Dow Jones adds about 0.2%. A second bed bath beyond & (16.92 + 21.99%) jumped after reported attempt by investors to replace the entire Board of the company. The price of oil (59.5-0.73%) now by 1.9%. VAT price stands at $59.92. 18:38 trading on meah Shearim Europe locked in on the positive sentiment registered now on Wall Street. Dax index increased by 0.64 percent, also climbed 0.89 percent at and potsie are done scheming increased by 0.27%. Wall Street indices continue trading on meah Shearim, hatmatno lifts in the last hour, the NASDAQ index up 0.6% on the Dow Jones industrial average rising 0.44 percent at. 17:20 indices on Wall Street traded increases, when the bond yields down after global warming in the past few days, and the focus returns to the talks. The NASDAQ index jump 0.9 percent, Dow Jones rises at a rate similar to index 500 and so S&P. Fear index (the VIX (15.26 + 3.95%)) dropping by 9%. In Europe the indicators rise when the garden Dax rising 0.7% German, 0.8% also climbs and potsie are done scheming costs 0.35%. Counts (15.93 + 0.19%) traded in reporting to the Prosecutor in aulhoma came to an agreement about the Purdue company lawsuit against companies about drug addiction opioadies. Nanchlla in nature and is expected to go to trial. 15:30 the top Wall Street indices opened increases when all stocks Dow Jones, led by the shares of Goldman Sachs and Intel. Dow Jones industrial average jumped 0.9 percent at, so the NASDAQ


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