Shame-lie to us like that. Not appear to practice and games players went on strike after not allowed to deposit checks received in economic troubles persist. The Group announced today (Wednesday) on strike due to non-payment of wages. “Shame the Board like that. Pull us two weeks for some large contractor should transfer the contribution, folded and no money. We’re getting no field training. It’s a joke, “said one player. Remember, the players already announced that Tiberias home before the game in front of migdal haemek, but eventually decided to give another chance to the administration. When they saw that the wages not paid yet, as stated on the strike. From Tiberias: the Administration reportedly State hurts us hearts with players are right we did and are doing day and night in order to raise funds to pay salaries, evidence we divided players hand checks ensuring that the money is moved but nothing works we consider our Board members on the team and become a mockery Blackmailed hapoei page, head of players who come and practice and seek to get their salaries. I read here the Mayor Ron Kobe and all the Council members to take a brave decision and put all our differences aside and take care of the football team and if the city doesn’t care to be notified to whom can football team and we’re going to get the keys, the existing situation cannot continue and sooner. “


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