Open or close the roof takes only 12 seconds (one second less. the 991, apparently it is interesting someone) and possible up to a speed of 50 km/h (California, as noted). Frame the roof made of magnesium rods that enable lightweight side also good resistance without distortion at high speeds. According to Porsche, the noise insulation is almost identical to the register when the roof is open, “” rear curtain rises and should filter swirls. For some reason, unable to raise the rear window as open, accessible, fact that does not help to keep the wind out. Porsche, my cooling? You need. Only that have so a word on safety systems. The 911 is the first car in the category that gets active and advanced systems so that when you reach us, do not have to install a warning system. Has autonomous braking, preserving path, adaptive cruise control. Even wet road detection sensors and different systems (propulsion, stability control and ABS) problem conditions. Night vision system is offered as an option. Propulsion units and performance: 3.0 liter engine dual turbo-chargers-inherited the 911, but thanks to magdshim bigger injectors and intake manifold are different, it now produces 450 HP (plus 30 HP). He connected the box double-clutch transmission (seven relationship in the past) and a rear wheel drive Carrera S, double-click on 4S. These enable leap to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds (3.6 seconds on 4S) with sport Chrono package which includes dispatching control, cutting 0.4 seconds compared to the outgoing model, despite the weight of 55 kg-the particle filter add-on and new gearbox and heavier. Without using considerable aluminium vehicle parts (two-thirds of the car body), she was gaining weight much more. But the story here is much more improvement in performance or fuel consumption. Because the nature of this engine is the closest thing to the atmospheric source, before Porsche decided to emphasize the basic Carrera models. He manages to eliminate completely the magdsh with building strength and speed and rpm range IM if you weren’t telling me, I didn’t know it was a turbo-engine so it’s great.


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