F. R. eight o’clock in the morning, dark and light, more delicate rain man, and we’re in the home port. First assemble on the back is the model F. The naked one. Familiar with the term “artistic nudity”? So such that the buff should know to shoot lest porn and naked bike should know design lest just iron pile. So nice of him but had the CB500F look. Front rooms that creates lighting unit fuses with silhouette and side fuel tank is a direct continuation to a flashlight, when Lance (new) makes the separation between them. They back continue and finish the look and pointed attacks. The total weight of the bike stands at 189 kg, two less than the previous generation obtained from the limestone relief diet, battery and plastics. The entry of the key and the Starter clicking stimulate your life and the new dashboard and clear. For the benefit of the riders starting large display and clear old of gears (6 in number) with an indication of the increasing and hatrat RPM gear too high. Beginner-friendly motorcycle, already mentioned? Seating position has been much more forward leaning, the weight moves ahead to the front tire (Dunlop sportmax) if the naked joy commands accept agility, steering the R just six. The riding position reclining with the handlebars and fuel tank monamch magnified (17.1 gallons, effective range of 490 km) and Colette lovingly hug your hips and your knees, snapping allows quick and smooth ride despite many references. Sliding clutch works wonderfully with a crane moving gears, very soft, smooth, light is received and faster download speed, something that is important, even for beginners and definitely and certainly the conditions as we rode them. True, the R500 looks like piirblide but he didn’t and to keep him alive and quickly got to work all the time to keep it at the top of the basket to produce his best. In the evening, when we’re already down to the beach and getting on the freeway as frazzled by the end of the shamsorrt course, it is possible to scratch the area 160 km/h, but that’s not his comfort zone. Play with the winding road and you will find happiness.

X is the next morning peaks and sunshine caressing the models welcome you to their guidelines CB500X in front of the hotel waiting to take us to space adventure or more tasty, just like the X model is designed to. His physical appearance is certainly consistent with the mission and the derived adoonch that simplified and every corner, Honda never neglected even the beginner. It’s not a twin, some Africa receive inspiration and more, get a motorcycle and now ready to cross any puddle. The x-axis is actually a mixture of the Honda CB500 with NX750. X version is also one that has the biggest changes in the current generation. The most dramatic change is the passage of the front wheel to rim 19 “instead of” lock 17 in Dunlop Tires teriilmax. Move the front forks 10 mm to 150 mm over 17 mm to 135 mm behind the plastic front is designed completely new, Lance not only expanded but raised close to 8 mm and 3 mm rider to riding upright stance and favor. Traverse angle itself also growing three and she stands now at 38 degrees. The ventral margin is also patient and lies at an altitude of 180 mm from the floor, 10 mm from the previous generation. Windscreen (pointing Allen key) and increased fuel tank capacity 17.5 liter’s effective range of almost 500 km (according to manufacturer) allows to get to the heart of quiet spaces.


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