Latest space and calm the passengers received two large displays of shiny, high quality ovalar. These monitors are upgrading the latest technology, allowing any control systems. Show the top mainly in telephony, navigation and music, bottom controls, systems and merge well done British left some dials and mechanical controls, and each control has moved to menus and touch monitors; However, the physical switch change tipkodam in different positions, so you need to remember what shape you are in. Volume switch was instead not accessible but overall, good view. Very high finishing level with ripoodi cloth and leather, including the fabric might not deter a eucalyptus fiber vegetarians sitting on a quilted leather (steering wheel green models made from recycled plastic cap). Aluminium finishes extend the driver and electric seats include heating and cooling. Not found, handle rope handles. In an EWOK sound systems installed sophisticated suppliers up to 380 Watts and 10 speakers. Wheel base was increased in 2.1 inches; This adds some space to sit back, but don’t expect limousine. Sitting behind the convenient little ass for my taste, and absorbed the entire seat is relatively low — to leave head space beneath the Cascades. All models have a panoramic roof, on SE is also opened. The rearview mirror can function as optical mirror or picture of reverse, in case of objects or people blocking the line of sight, or enhanced observation rain or night conditions. Set out three אינג’יניום 2.0 liter turbo engines reach Israel: 200 gasoline and diesel 250 horsepower and 180 HP at launch used in petrol version 250 HP strong and 240 HP diesel version not reach Israel. Powerful petrol engine and succulent, use light hybrid system-48 volts, should save up to 6% in fuel and pollution, and to relieve bleeding and jump-starting the motor drive. With 9 fly gears the compact crossover lightly, accelerating to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds and intermediate surfing accelerations are


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