company called the Ishi WONG, Senior Vice President and will continue its founders, Jean and John Woo precious to serve as directors of bitmein. Recall that last December the itmein closed its development center in Israel, it ran Capricorn glikberg and fired all employees, 23 as “published”. A month later, in January, the company also closed its operations in the Netherlands, which led Boas Baker. The reputation of the Krypto, and especially of the bourses Krypto, hit by concerns about the volatility of prices, the U.S. and through well-publicised projects aimed at infrastructure failures. ” reported that according to sources, Hong Kong officials have raised doubts about the business models of companies aren’t mining, given the drop of more than 70% in bitkoin prices last year.

The bitkoin (BTC (4,069.7596 + 2.56%)), traded today at an average price of $4,050, after an increase of 2% since the beginning of this month, according to data from CoinMarketCap site. Krypto market peaked at the end of 2017, as trading surged and shnpachi bitkoin in the currency market, climbed to a record price of more than $20,000. However, since bitkoin price plunged more than 80 percent, and trade volumes have shrunk. Mining equipment manufacturer the Krypto, relatively small Luxury worthy of the itmein, and last year on her edit initial public offering. Now, ibang company International Holdings (Ebang International Holdings) is a manufacturer of mining equipment aren’t the only one who is preparing for an initial public offering on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Ibang refused access last December.


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