Ronnie HAWAT: “we are complacent and arrogant. Those who wanted more won disappointing loss. ” HAWAT (payperlens) the disappointing loss. HAWAT (payperlens) by: Shlomi and her | 25.03.19 | 08:15 in Jaffa disappointed losing to Plymouth from the bottom. Coach hustled his rival: “I wouldn’t want my team will be fought that way in the second half” was a disappointment the Department its ‘ Jaffa after the home loss to Plymouth City that reopened the fight for the fifth place in the playoffs. The Club spoke mainly on the attitude of the players in the game, not just the loss itself. Coach Ronnie HAWAT said: “we never take losses into account and something to think about. To me those who wanted more won the game. We’re a bit complacent and arrogant and controlling, though, so the second optical of Kiryat Gat sports took us. The second half was not football and didn’t even want my team having as Kiryat Gat but everyone was doing what’s right for him. ” Already thinking about Jaffa next game against reds Coach Rob and think about his first Derby: “we must bring victory instead of as harsh. We have plenty more where to get better I promise that by the end of the season to come as a group and tactit group committed and sometimes better results and sometimes less.


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