Ask how it feels? On the road, feeling the feedback compared to the road and sports models slightly softer, is definitely more suitable for long-distance run rather than attacking leads tight but also that he has no problem doing. Seating position and a very comfortable ride and comfortable seat can stay on for hours without getting tired or stop extracting or release organs. In the field he felt much less comfortable. The selected route, though that was not especially challenging or too long, soft ground and presented a very dusty arm-sized stones, just those pesky debuted you can’t decide whether to override or to attack them. In slots and at the entrance to the Medici had difficulty the molded seal rims spires to absorb and to tackle the obstacles freely and it was least riding segment. Not sure that whoever buys this model makes it more adventurous parties of usability and convenience but the option to drop with trails also unchanged and endorsement of the tires and rims, certainly exists. When we got back to the road and that we as a stable, showing us that this X-efficient model gives them eventually most package. The end of the third generation Honda was able to improve some more what you can get for economic and engineering adventures. A little more power, refinement, touching here and there color and you’ll understand why this is most sold. Each of the three versions will provide its owner above and beyond, and riders, too, don’t want any trouble with the woman or the law it is a great bike, useful, friendly and safe. He’s not full of many electronic systems have currently on the market but is definitely provides and much more. You can derive a lot of fun in any type of riding, it’s hard to surprise him, and he will surprise you and costs to the 48,000-50,000 F and the R versions and X is a sweet deal for the Israeli audience-without a lot.


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