Big: who does not know his Porsche 911. Famous sports cars with vehicle and propulsion still resemble a mythical beetle with big sound and image of one of the best sports cars in the world, if not the best. It is also the most popular, with over 1 million units already have dropped the Assembly tzopnhausn, famous Northern Stuttgart, Germany. But at a time when the auto industry is going through the most dramatic change in 100 years, one of the greatest icons of her adjusting is required. Starting with air pollution standards to stringent integration of advanced safety systems. So for the lips, Yes, the 911, the eighth generation of less polluting and more efficient than the previous one and is equipped with driver assistance systems that allow to sensors and chips to replace the driver. I know, you don’t have to let me know what you think about this in relation to 911. I think so too. Now another word. There are cars that suits them convertible. Some don’t. For personal reasons, unless you live in California or Florida, this 911. Hard roof fixed and closed. Not a folding canvas. But asked to drive Cabrio. We couldn’t refuse. Passenger cabin design: If you’re not firstborn-brand that identify internal codes of every generation Porsche (992), all esoteric or facelift version, you’ll notice the changes. Yes, the front bumper contains larger air vents and algorithms (closed above 70 mph to reduce towed), open the oscot door and leaping out, long light unit is stretched all across the hood (rear), headlight, brake cooling vents and diverts the air rises (tram). It is also a bit long (2 cm) and now also the Carrara’s getting extended body (on 4.5 cm) similar to the Carrera 4S. Porsche says that the fabric roof keeps the same design line, and he certainly looks less like a tent on car grsaotia holevsh.


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