Also gear box, and in select sports, driving situations and in normal. Manual operation turn the gear speed transfers almost like a racing car. Personally, it’s a situation where I would choose to be at all times, even in traffic at the entrance. BTW, impressive sound (and active exhaust system), and even more when the roof is open. Comfort and behavior: the 911 models are equipped with shock bolami algorithms (PASM). The axles were enlarged switches on front and 4.5 cm S at 4 cm behind (on 4S unchanged). Launch cars add also bars active stabilizers (PDCC) and steering rear wheels Companion. According to Porsche, the four fastest 992 seconds. 991 around the Nürburgring race track. Which reminds me to explore the full potential of the new 911 racing track is required with proper safety margin, as it was not on hand for the launch. The public road not really matter how long you try a difficult logical area to tickle your limitations, must shporsha successful generations to make the incorrect physical recipe depends on engine behind the rear axle, one who works in a harmonious whole. In 992 that reaches new record of excellence dynamic. The wheel, increasing, connect your hands almost directly to the front wheels. Give each driver the confidence to push the machine to the limits. Expanding the axles rulings led to significant improvement in response to change as Greece, with entry much quicker to load and less need for front axle weight to gain traction and prevent steering ttag. And rear steering helps even more. Weight distribution with a preference for rear grip also allows exceptional at full throttle in the lead. Only on smooth asphalt and no electronic AIDS to rock and the tail in the Carrera S 4S does not allow even that, and we only buy for readers in the Arctic, with snow and ice set daily menu. Incidentally, the rudder and less accurate.

How comfortable the ride? The hard, mitlim giant hoops and asphalt (next to feel the German Autobahn as purification) keys on the 911 speed buff. While hardening compound compared to checkout helps dynamic capability, it comes at the expense of absorption capacity. High speed comfort improves only slightly. On the other hand, compared to her dynamic capabilities category, this Porsche fairly easy and very impressive noise insulation of the roof. Summary: design changes of the recent modest 911 only, but beneath them are dealing with the improvement of each of conductive components that together the even higher standard of excellence. From safety to performance and conduct. At the end of the day, the new 911 is exactly what you would expect to find in the latest model of sports car and widespread in the world. Just like the same sum written on every single road to 911 in the last Jubilee, the conclusion is the same: at least for now, before electrification process expected her face lift, the 911 maintains top position. If possible, I’d like a permanent hard roof over your head. If not, figure it out already


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