Value base of the peninsula-recommended 21% total market price analyst Meir Slater: “strong results with high quarterly growth of 13% in credit and equity return of 18.8%. The company’s growth potential is high, “analyst Meir Slater from the consulting and financial base raised the target price for the stock + 1.36% and 2.4 dollars per share, a total 21% relative to the baseline of the stock (2) with recommended purchase. This is in response to company results released yesterday (full article). More articles about: Yes faith achieved test results for treating liver cancer Tower extends agreement with Panasonic, incomes are clipped credit non-bank engaged in providing credit to small and medium businesses and controlled (54.75%) By the best investment-0.74% dash, reported yesterday its results for the year 2018, with an increase of 9.5% in revenues and an increase of approximately 19.4% of net profit. “The peninsula has released reports for the fourth quarter of 2018, with quarterly growth of 13% in credit and equity return of 18.8 percent, compared to 16.3% in the previous quarter. Given the year 2018 in equity yield of 15.5 percent, while the rate in the second half is about 17.6 percent return on equity, “noted Slater. According to Slater, “operating expenses provided the strongest line in the report – a decrease of 9% compared to the previous quarter. Operational efficiency (partial operation expenses revenues) improved and stood at 27.3% vs. 33.9% in the previous quarter. Bayes ‘ theorem in ovalio it is estimated that the company’s growth potential remains high and that “the challenge is to take advantage of it while maintaining reasonable expenses. Meeting this challenge is expected to significantly improve the bottom line of the peninsula “.


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