Mixed trend in Europe; Fiat climbed more than 3 percent last night locked in wall street trading increases; The Bank’s shares jumped up 1.5% • fly for Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 model Max made an emergency landing at the airport following engine failure ornaldo • today will prompt the British Parliament votes that should draw in which options it supports and which he opposes trading European stock 11:00 runs this morning. In a mixed trend, after similar u.s. lock. Exchanges London (7,173.04-0.32%) and Milan bourses recorded slight, Germany (11,397.44-0.19%) and Paris (5,290.27-0.32%) are in the negative territory and record decreases of up to 0.3%. Investors still take caution, after that last Friday the bond yield curve reversed the American Treasury, so that the bond’s dividends are as high as 10 years fell below that of the bond three months – for the first time since 2007. The question in the markets is whether it is time to prepare for an economic slowdown in the United States. Fiat climbed more than 3 percent, dropping 3.5% Nissan. President of the European Central Bank, Mario dragi, spoke during a speech about the European economy and monetary policy. Dragi, near the end of his tenure, said the temporary slowdown in growth does not imply necessarily that a recession is coming. 06:30 mixed trend in Asian stock exchanges; Thus, Tokyo index registers declines, bourses in Hong Kong and Shanghai cost up to 0.5%. The kospi drops, led by Samsung Electronics which registers declines after published earlier this week that the company predicts that the gains for the first quarter of the year will be lower than hoped. Last night locked u.s. Wall Street trading increases. NASDAQ and 500 S&P rose by 0.7% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 0.55 percent in. Bank stocks stood out,


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